You wouldn’t be here unless you needed someone like me

Meditation Residency for EvolVR, 2021

Kenji took up his residency with EvolVR because of the opportunity to explore the teachings he has received in his Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI) course from MNDFL. In the course, Kenji was exposed to the term “Mindfulness 3.0” and sought to explore how spiritual technology was affecting the human experience of contemplation in the Metaverse.

VR is a convenient way to meditate with others. The concept of Social Meditation has a long history and is part of the foundation of the monastic experience. Meditation can be practiced by individuals at any time and we are ultimately meant to be living each moment mindfully, which means meditatively. Meditating with other people can act as an amplifier that can help strengthen our own practice. EvolVR is a spiritual community that makes meditating together possible in virtual reality.