You wouldn’t be here unless you needed someone like me

Pay Attention, 2021

The guided meditation concept came to Kenji in the summer of 2021 while preparing to study with Kobe Bryant’s mindfulness teacher. While shooting around on the Biggie Smalls basketball courts in Brooklyn, Kenji drifted to the future. He imagined meditating using advanced technology, seeing himself as an anime character. Kenji described it as a trippy experience. Moments later, arriving back at the current moment, he realized that every time he returned to the present; he was practicing mindfulness. To be mindful, Kenji did not need his phone, and he did not need an app.

The meditation is the lead offering from Kenji’s upcoming EP Initiation. Kenji released the meditation as an NFT on 11/11/21. 11 minted and sold for $11 to collectors via Createsafe. The song uploaded eight days later on Spotify, Apple, Tidal and YouTube for mass consumption.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist, Malachi Mabson

Cover art illustration by Tokyo based artist, Aqeel

“Stop what you are doing and put down your phone…”