You wouldn’t be here unless you needed someone like me

Meditation for Twitter Blackbirds, 2021

For BHM, Blackbirds were continuing to celebrate #LoveToSeeIt — a hashtag created from #BlackTwitter that connects Black people in the moment and celebrates the sheer joy of being a Black person right now. Through all the adversity of 2020, Black resilience remained a constant. Resilience took the forms of joy, laughter, promotions, manifestation, movement, dances, clapbacks, outfits, entrepreneurship, self-care, and the ability to keep pushing forward no matter what. And there’s nothing we love to see more than that.

In this introductory session of meditation for the Blackbirds during BHM, Kenji guided a meditation crafted intergenerationally. With the assistance of an elder of his community of (Bed-Stuy) Brooklyn, NY (Sanyaku Sheps-Amare) he worked on an innovative format that crossed generational boundaries.