You wouldn’t be here unless you needed someone like me

As a certified mindfulness instructor, I specialize in helping overcommitted high performers – creators, companies, and communities – rediscover peace.

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I know firsthand the struggles of being overextended, overworked, and feeling like there’s no time for mindfulness. During my corporate days at Nike, I battled anxiety and depression due to “doing too much”. But then I discovered meditation – a way to go within and work on my mental fitness. I have achieved over 2,000 consecutive days of meditation. Tapping into this practice was life changing

Now my calling is to drop jewels, guiding creators, companies, and communities out of their heads and into presence. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a stressed-out exec, I’ve got you. My bag is packed with tools to help you find peace of mind, lower pressure, and raise awareness.

My approach stems from studying under renowned teacher George Mumford, who trained legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in mental fitness through mindfulness. Now I adapt these techniques into digestible lessons for the overwhelmed overthinker.

With certified expertise, I’m equipped to be your mindfulness guide. You can find me guiding meditations inspired by Biggie Smalls to leading team exercises with precision and humor. Blending science-backed wisdom with a hip-hop flow, I incorporate down-to-earth mindfulness into the hustle and grind of modern life.

Don’t wait to elevate your game and nourish your mind. Hire me as your mental fitness trainer – let’s get you working in right now.

Wouldn’t you want to perform at a high level and feel at peace while doing so?

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“My homie Kenji Summers who I nicknamed “Zenji” because of the zenful spirit he embodies is a brilliant mindfulness Practitioner and Teacher, who does the work within himself to help guide and inspire others to do the same. He’s the hip hop generation’s George Mumford. A Jedi trainer grounded in the realities and possibilities of designing and implementing best practices for mental well-being and success.”